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Inclusive learning support

Our Learning and Support Teachers (LaST) and School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) work with all students across the school.

At Liverpool Boys High School the role of the Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) includes:

  • work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support assessment for learning of their students with additional educational needs and identify specific learning and support needs.

  • plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate teaching programs for students with additional learning and support needs in conjunction with regular classroom teachers.

  • plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate personalised adjustments for learning where required, with the classroom teacher, student and/or parent or carer.

  • model exemplary classroom practice when tailoring adjusted learning programs for students with additional learning needs.

  • provide direct support for students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies (including direct instruction, delivery of adjusted learning programs, assessment and monitoring of progress) including the areas of social integration, language and communication, literacy, numeracy and behaviour. This may include students with confirmed disabilities.

  • provide professional specialist advice, support and mentoring to classroom teachers on: - how best to cater for the diverse learning needs in their classrooms, and - how to effectively work in partnership with families to maximise learning opportunities for students at school and at home.

  • provide professional specialist advice and assistance about students with additional learning needs to the school’s learning and support team.

  • assist with professional learning for class teachers and school learning support officers within their school and local network of schools where appropriate.


Support programs

General class room support by Learning and Support Teachers (LaSTs), School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers work collaboratively with students and staff to provide support to suit the needs of individual students and students groups.

Multilit Program (in partnership with Compass, Sydney University) providing intensive reading support for identified students in Year 7 and 8.

Year 10 targeted learning support program provides a well-rounded program for some identified students who require additional support across the curriculum. A team of teachers work together to deliver quality lessons that focus on literacy and numeracy, while providing a well supported social environment and transition to college or career pathways.

Transition support is provided to students in Years 9 to 12 who need additional support to access external programs such as work experience, vocational and education training (VET) work placement, resume writing, interview skills, alternative education programs, TAFE and college open days, travel training and vocational guidance.

Year 7 and 9 mathematics parallel classes are small groups of students withdrawn from their regular mathematics class to participate in a high level supported learning environment for mathematics and numeracy skills along with topics covered in their classes.

Homework and assessment assistance is provided to students seeking additional support to complete homework, assessments and access to technology as needed.

Special provisions for exams are provided to students for a variety of reasons. Students who have poor handwriting, spelling and reading difficulties, health issues or vision and hearing impairment have the opportunity to access support during formal exams, class assessments and the HSC.


NSW public schools are well prepared to support students with disability and additional learning and support needs and staff are ready to answer your questions.

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