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Academic Excellence Stream

Academic Excellence Stream



Liverpool Boys High School values all learning needs of our community and makes every effort to address them. In recognising the diversity of our learners, we are offering an Academic Excellence Stream to allow high potential students from the local area to have the best possible education. 

The Academic Excellence Stream (AES) is an acceleration program where high potential students are enabled to move through the curriculum at a faster rate based on their performance. Students are mentored and supported by highly qualified teachers to make better choices, so they maximise their learning potential outcomes every year and achieve the best possible HSC and ATAR. 

The Academic Excellence Stream serves a need of challenging talented students, in a local educational setting. In addition, it provides an extra dimension to our general aim of providing each student with an excellent academic, cultural, social and physical education. 

What does high potential mean?

High potential students are those whose potential exceeds that of students of the same age. 

This could be in one or more areas, such as: 

  • intellectual
  • creative
  • physical
  • social-emotional 

Tips for identifying if your child has high academic potential

Gifted and high potential students often have some, or all, of the following characteristics: they,

  • enjoy learning
  • have intense curiosity
  • display good memory
  • ask complex questions
  • enjoy learning new and often complex idea or skills
  • require fewer repetitions when learning new things
  • are creative
  • become intensely focused in their area of interest or passion 

Please keep in mind that these traits are only one way to indicate high potential students. 

Applications for Year 7 2024

Applications are now closed.

To have an application finalised, the online application form was to be completed and  the latest two school reports and latest NAPLAN results (if applicable) attached.

Any questions about applications can be directed to Deybra Reyes:

The Entrance Test 

Testing occurs onsite at Liverpool Boys High School and is administered by the school. Placements in this class are determined by a selection committee using the student's application and diagnostic test results. 

Topics tested:

  • General ability test
  • Mathematics test
  • Reading comprehension test
  • Spelling test
  • Test of written expression.

Contact us on or 02 9602 7979 for more information.

The below videos provide insight into the Academic Excellence Stream and the opportunities students can be provided.