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Roll Over- The new year

Starting a new year - also called Roll Over

At Liverpool Boys High School the new scholastic year starts in Term 4 Week 6.

For example in 2024 the following changes will happen in Term 4 Week 6:

This means our students move up a grade during Term 4 2024 rather than the beginning of 2025.

  • The current Year 7s → are now Year 8
  • The current Year 8s → are now Year 9
  • The current Year 9s → are now Year 10
  • The current Year 10s → are now College 1
  • The current College 1  → are now College 2

Why do we RollOver mid Term 4?

Traditionally kids sit exams in Term 4 week 1 or 2 and teachers write their reports from week 2.

That means students get their reports in week 4 of Term 4.

Rather than the students filling in the rest of the year with busy activities and losing interest we would rather they keep their studies up by starting new exciting courses.

When we rollover it means no down time!