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REVIEW - Online reports

REVIEW is the reporting software used at Liverpool Boys High School

We are working with ACADEM, a software company, to modify the software - REVIEW for a school-based context.

The learning has been flipped from content to skills. An example of this is assessing a student’s ability to explore ideas and to reflect, the vehicle used is creating a drama performance.

Over 4 years of junior schooling we will build a profile of every student against this skills/capabilities model – the data will come from many courses and many teachers over many years.

Liverpool Boys High School is working with the Univeristy of Technology Sydney to examine how students can use this profile to enter UTS (and other universities). We believe this is ground breaking work and will demonstrate that we can have a systematic way to reliably assess skills and to use this assessment as the exit credential from high school.

If we combine this assessment with a portfolio of work, we have a system at least as robust as the HSC - that values skills over knowledge.  

Go to our REVIEW page to access your son's report