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Year 7 & Passion Based Learning

Year 7 

Our year 7 students are supported in their firs year of High School by a dedicated team of Year 7 staff at Liverpool Boys High School. This team is made up of a dynamic group of teachers that are dedicated and committed to providing our students with quality education. Year 7 have dedicated classrooms to their year group and attend all their subjects in the same class group. 

Through an innovative, collaborative approach to education, the Year 7 project based learning (PBL) team provide a transitional program for all students to aid in the often difficult move from primary to high school. 

Year 7 Advisor 

Ms Sarah HALLAL - 

Passion Based Learning 

As of  2018 year 7 engage in Passion Based Learning in addition to Project Based Learning . 

We believe if students are learning based on their passions and interests then more learning outcomes and increased student engagement can be achieved.

Year 7 are given 5 weeks to discover their passion then produce a display of their choice for exhibition based on their passion. The classroom teachers act as mentors and parents are involved to encourage their child to discuss their passions and what that might look like.

The impact of the passion project is profound as the high quality of the work and knowledge produced and displayed at exhibition demonstrated our students have the skillset to be creative, communicate and think deeply about the world.

This has set the foundation for future passion based learning and mentoring across the school. 

Watch the Passion Project here